Our research findings on Non-Health Impact of COVID-19 will blow your mind

To ascertain the Non-Health Impact of #COVID19 among Nigerians, our Insights Team conducted a survey targeting the Nigerian Employers and Employees.  The data gathered were analysed and what we got will blow your minds.

Our respondents’ gender percentage showed 55% of Females & 44% Males (Gen X & GEN Y) with the age range of 18-47.

Data showed 73% of our respondents’ highest educational attainments were B.SC, HND. Although 24% of participants have attained a second degree or other equivalents, only 3% of the respondents have professional qualifications.

35% of respondents earn between N201,000 while 32% earned 51,000-100,000, 23% earned 101,000 – 150,000. These findings show that among the sample size, participants were senior-level staff and team leads from different organizations.

Data gathered also indicated that during this pandemic, a greater number of Nigerians (56%) experienced a significant level of financial loss. others (6%) were not even sure if they experienced any financial loss.

Asides the significant cut in the employees’ salary package as affirmed by 32% of our respondents, 42% of those that experienced financial loss attributed the cause of this loss to stunted sales.

This could be as a result of the decline in disposable income or as a result of restrictions placed on trading while adhering to the social distancing recommendations.

Findings show that unproductivity (50%) coupled with business redundancy were notable reasons for layoffs by respondents.

Data gathered showed the major cause of lay-offs during the pandemic was caused by financial constraints and more jobs requiring digital skills. The new normal could mean those job seekers would have to improve their digital skills to gain and stay employed.

Lastly, 44% of respondents would rather learn a skill as a fall back plan from job loss while, 39% chose to fall back on their bank savings. Findings show that none of our respondents would fall back on insurance or pension savings.

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