Branding Trends For 2021: Latest Predictions To Watch Out For

Branding is all about perception. A more creative brand identity would sell your brand than just logos and plagues in this digital era. Modern customers want substance, and purpose that would make their brands be embedded into their minds. It can take years to build a strong identity that represents a brand. Once the brand has developed that, it will still take at least 5 impressions to elicit brand recall. The instance of delivering messages to the right audience has become more difficult so for brands to overcome this, these are essential trends to watch out for in 2021.

  • Logo Adaptability

The need for brands to be visible on all social media platforms cannot be over-emphasized. More so, a brand should have a one-tone logo that can fit into any space, advertisements, watermarks, amongst others. It should also be very adjustable in sense of sizes, complexity, or color. This will aid in customers’ recognition of brands in different ways thereby increasing the chance of brand recall eventually.

  • Blandified Branding

Many companies have chosen minimalism. For example, both Google and Airbnb recently had facelifts that changed their logos to sans-serif, a popular typeface for minimalism. 95% of companies today have produced their brands in the simplest form like fewer colors, simpler fonts that can be paired with any graphics. Brands should test out different color schemes and font styles that are outstanding without compromising simplicity.

  • Nostalgic Brand Marketing

This type of marketing offers the brand the ability to invoke past, old, and sweet memories. Trust is paramount in the mindset of consumers as many relishes the past and wish to recapture the feeling of how things used to be. Nielsen’s study in 2017 revealed that advertising aligned with emotions yields better results.

  • Branded Visual Content

According to HubSpot, visual contents can yield 67% more attention than advertisements and other promotional content. This is because Humans naturally remember images better than any other thing. Although not all visual content would get the same response from your target market. Branded images help promote the brand without the risk of overt advertising. With all types of interactive content circulating on various social networks, Gifs, Charts, Infographics, Videos, and other Substantial Visual Contents have a better shot at being noticed compared to ads that simply lay out what products they have to offer.

  • Social Media Branding

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are prime spots for building your brand. About 90% of brands have utilized these platforms to create awareness. But not all content types are suitable for these platforms. For instance, Twitter relies more on written content while Instagram relies on visuals. According to the latest Bynder State of Branding Report in 2020, 65% of companies stated that social media algorithm changes are the biggest threat to their brand engagement efforts. By staying in-the-know of these modifications, companies would be able to adjust their social media branding accordingly.

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