Hi my name is Mimi.

I recently graduated from high school in Ghana and decided to take a gap year before proceeding to Uni; so I moved back to Nigeria to intern in a media and communications agency. After applying to a couple of agencies, I got a call back from Modion Communications and I was given a shot as a Social Media Administrator despite my educational qualifications.

These past six months have been a fun learning curve for me, I have been able to learn a lot of valuable life skills I know will equip me for the future I have ahead of me. As I wrap up my internship I would like to share with you some of the lessons I have learnt from working at Modion Communication:

You never fully know your potential till you try.

Moving from a Ghana where I had lived almost all my life to a new environment was very overwhelming for me. I remember most of my friends back in Ghana questioning my choice to move back to Nigeria to take a gap year for work. But, apart from the upside of having to work with fun and cool people, I’ve been exposed an excellent work culture. Here at Modion Comms. nothing but the best and even more was expected from me in every task I carried. Initially it was daunting but as time went on I was able to adjust. Before now I had no idea of my capabilities, truth is you can never fully know your potential till you try.

The world as you know it is bigger than you think

Being the last child of my family and having lived an almost sheltered life before now, my family doubted my ability to cope with hustle of Lagos life. One thing I really found challenging was having to commute by public transport. Since it was something new to me, I found the experience frustrating initially but after awhile I found it exciting and even got used to it. This experience made me see that there was a whole new world out there that I had not explored. Also I was able to learn how to be street smart and haggle with the conductor to avoid being cheated, apparently these are lifesaving skills for Lagos residents.

You always learn something new from listening.

During my time at Modion, we had several brainstorming sessions where we were all required to work together and combine our thoughts to come up with brilliant ideas for our clients. This sometimes took hours, the highlights of this activity were the word of advice Odion (the CEO) always chipped in. These advice always made me see Media and Communications in a new light. I also liked that I could give my point of views and also hear from others. As the saying by Dalai Lama goes; when you talk, you are only repeating what you already know, but if you listen, you may learn something new. And indeed I learned a lot of new things even stuff I never learned in school, just by listening.

Seek help whenever you need, don’t be shy

At Modion I came to realise that you learn from people and you should not be too shy to seek help and ask questions. Luckily, my colleagues were really down to earth and I never found it difficult to approach them for help when I needed it. They were always willing to share their point of view. One thing I found amazing was how everyone on the team pitched in even when I ask just one person for help.

I will like to conclude by saying that these lessons I learned these past months would surely remain with me for a life time. But most of all, the memories I made with these amazing people will never be forgotten. The help, advice, banter and supply of small chops made my time at Modion Communications a memorable one. Despite the fact that it was a short while, I can say I have kindled relationships that could last a life time.

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