A Surprise Gift for Valentine? Try Insurance

Hate it or Love it, Valentine’s Day with all the accompanying emotions of love, romance and excitement, are upon us. As a lot of us know, it is a day when love is globally celebrated and people openly expressing  their love for another in the best way possible. Roses or a romantic dinner, a box of chocolates or jewelleries, people traditionally go all out yearly to make their loved one feel special on Valentine by making thoughtful gestures.

According to reports, 1after Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day is the most commercially celebrated day around the world, generating over $19.6 billion in the US alone in 2018. Due to its sentimental nature, millions of people worldwide look out for the most thoughtful and selfless gifts of love to buy for their loved one. This Valentine, if you are looking for a uniquely different gift that stands you out of the crowd of gifters, try expressing your love by giving the highly valuable and unconventional gift of Insurance. Yes Insurance!

While Insurance may not likely be the first gift that comes to mind this Valentine’s; unlike other gifts, Insurance will be there to protect you and your loved ones beyond the season and through the unexpected events of life. We never know what the next moment may bring, but with insurance, we can make a plan to protect those we love regardless of what life throws their way. What better way than this to express love!

Most importantly, insurance provides financial security and peace of mind for your loved ones. In Nigeria’s volatile economy, having an insurance coverage can be the difference between your loved ones living in financial stability or an unstable financial future that can easily lead to penury. To help you make this unique choice, we help highlight the different gifts of insurance you can give to your loved one as an expression of your love.

1. Life Insurance: When you truly love someone, you want the best for them. You make sacrifices, you worry, and you work hard to make them happy. Life Insurance is the perfect gift that embodies love, it is one gift that keeps on giving even after you are gone! Life insurance makes sure your loved ones are financially stable, ensuring that they remain protected through any unexpected twists and turns life might throw your way. It is a selfless way of letting them know you want them to be protected even after you are gone. The type of financial support Life Insurance provides can keep them living their current life-style without making drastic changes to their day-to-day living standard in your absence.

2. Education Insurance: Children have their whole life and a bright future ahead of them. If you are a parent, you probably work hard every day to provide all they need for a solid future, one that rides on the back of quality education. Why not secure that future dream you have for them by starting an educational insurance policy? One that ensures that level of education you aspire for them comes to fruition regardless of what happens to you. With insurance products such as the Leadway Education Protection Plan, your child(ren)’s education is assured of continuity no matter what happens to you in the immediate future.

3. Household content Insurance: We attached a lot of sentimental value to expensive material gifts during this season and it is only wise for us to protect these gifts from various risks. According to a research conducted on Nigerian consumer behaviour, 33% of men buy expensive jewellery items for their romantic partners to celebrate Valentine’s. Given the widespread new stories of theft, armed robbery and burglary, which we are confronted with in the media daily, a single attack can destroy these assets and steal your joy. Household content insurance covers your home contents and precious jewelleries against theft, loss, damage and/or sudden disappearance of jewellery. With this insurance policy, you are protected in the event of a theft or fire incident.

Leadway Assurance, since 1970, has been at the forefront of insuring love by offering financial protection as a tool for wealth sustenance, adequately providing unique customer-focused insurance products and services for families, businesses and organisations across the country. With products like the Leadway Household Automobile and Personal Accident Policy (L-HAPPy) which provides comprehensive cover for your home, its occupiers and your precious home contents; Leadway Education Protection Plan which protects your family against the ongoing cost of a child’s education in the event of your death and the Leadway Term Assurance, a simple but flexible life insurance product that pays out a lump sum to your beneficiary in event of your death during the cover period.

Call us now on any of the following lines; 01) 2800 700, 2800 701, 0812 999 7003 to find out more about an insurance package for your loved ones. You can also send an email to:Lcs@leadway.com, for more details. Terms and conditions apply.

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