3 PR Lessons from Lewis Hamilton's Win at Brazil GP 2021

PR lessons and inspiration can be drawn from different everyday experiences even from the least expected experiences. Here are the 3 lessons we learned from Lewis Hamilton’s win at the Brazilian Grand Prix 2021.

1. Seizing the right opportunity: 

Many campaigns are dead on arrival if not strategically planned and timed. Hamilton started from the 10th position at the Brazilian Grand Prix but perfectly timed all his overtakes during the race until the scene with Max Verstappen happened at lap 48.
2. Innovation is key: 

Verstappen forced Hamilton out of the tracks at Lap 48, but he eventually overtook Verstappen at lap 58 using a more innovative approach of staying on Verstappen’s tail before a quick overtake. There is a need for brands to continually innovate to achieve not only different but stellar results. 
3. Turn around a low point situation:

The backstory for Hamilton's win was his starting from the 20th position in the qualifiers and at 10th position in the main race. This made his win even more scintillating. He completely turned around very odds against him as we did for 
Gokada in 2019

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